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Welcome to Car Dealer Joe, we are a small family owned used

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car dealer business specializing in sub prime auto loans. If you have good credit,or bad credit then we can help. With our handy Buy Here Pay Here program, almost anyone can now drive a nice quality pre-owned vehicle. We have many sub prime lenders that offer second chance auto  loans to customers that have little or poor credit history.

How does Car Dealer Joe- BHPH program work?

We are looking for hard working people that need a quality used car. Here is how our bhph works. First, you must have a full time job on the books. Second, you must have at least $ 1000 down payment. Sometimes if you have been on the job for more than a year, we can get you a down payment for as low as $ 500 down. In addition you will need a valid NY photo license, be 21 years old and have 2 pay stubs. Of course you will have to prove you live where you say you do. For this we will need a phone bill or a utility bill. Basically something that gets mailed to you home with your name and address on it. We also do not allow customers that already have a open car loan or past repossessions to use our buy here pay program at this time

Why choose us for you next used car in the Rochester area

First off, we will work very hard to get you approved for your car even if you have bad credit. Like I said early, sometimes as low as $500 down, but plan on the average is $1000 down. We are all very friendly and we know the used car business inside and out. We are also are a registered repair shop and will be here to service all our customers and help maintain your new vehicle.. Buy here pay here is becoming more important in today’s economy and even if you have bad credit you still deserve a nice car.

As low as $ 500 down, but the average is $ 1000 down payment

We really want people to get a great used car for as small as a down payment as possible. However, we have to be realistic. If you have never paid anyone on time, then you may need a little more money down. We do check your credit score, but, we like other things as well. For example, how long have you been on the job? How long have you lived at your current address?  If you just moved here, what if you do not like it here and want to move again. We try to be as fair as possible.

What type of vehicle should you buy

This is very important. We all want the best car we can get for your money. But how much can you afford? If you earn $350 a week, try to be realistic. Pick out a vehicle that you can maintain. Everyday we have people coming in trying to buy our most expensive used cars, when they really should be looking at a nice affordable used car. A good rule of thumb on what type of monthly payment you can handle is 18% of your gross monthly paycheck.
So if you earn $350 a week, you can most likely afford a $270 month payment. This will get you a auto loan for about $4995 to $5995.

When Should Apply?

Now of course and we will get you pre-approved before you even come to the car lot. Use our online application and we will get you an answer during business hours. Please be as accurate as possible as we do verify the information. Like most used car dealers that deal with bad credit customers or for a better word, the credit challenged, we do the approval process first and then we select and test drive your potential automobile.



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